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It is vital that we protect ourselves and our local community against COVID-19.

You can now get your COVID-19 booster shot if you received your 2nd vaccine dose more than 3 months ago.


Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people aged 5 years and over

Vaccines Available

  • Pfizer for 5 to 59 years
  • AstraZeneca for 60 years and over

Vaccination Hub

8 Oxley Place Orange NSW 2800

Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm

Main Clinic

27-31 Perc Griffith Way Orange NSW 2800

Mon – Fri, 8:40am – 4:40pm


Our doctors will be on-site for consultations

Bookings Essential

Available for individuals, families and households

You can still get vaccinated at our Main Clinic from Monday to Friday between 8:40AM and 4:40PM.

Our main clinic is located at 27-31 Perc Griffith Way Orange NSW 2800